2009. február 22., vasárnap


Paradise Recording features a Studer A-800 MKIII 24-track 2-inch tape machine. Nothing can make your music sound as warm, and rich as recording to fat 2-inch tape. Using a high end machine like the A-800 also gives you pristine, low-noise sound quality, and punch in capabilities. These types of tape machines have been used on almost every major album from the 70’s throughout the mid-90’s, and is still often used today. This machine will give you a professional edge that is hard to match with strictly digital recording. However, if you decide to record digitally, there’s always the option of bouncing tracks to tape and back in the mixdown process. This can give you some of the warm tape sound and saturation with the ease of digital recording. A Studer takes a lot of maintenance, but our staff regularly cleans and aligns this tape deck to ensure everything is working for your session. Any extra effort tape requires is well worth it for the sound it gives; and the best possible sound is what Paradise is all about. about.

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