2009. március 16., hétfő


Jolana Iris was a very popular guitar during the 70's and 80's in Eastern Europe. The Telecaster - inspired design features a semihollow body with one f-hole and a tremolo unit. Pickups are single-coils with rail magnets. The blue one is dated 1974. Iris was introduced shortly after Jolana Vikomt guitar and bass came out in 1973. Vikomt had only one pickup in the neck position. Iris had two modifications - with AlNiCo pickups and ebony fingerboard and Ferrite pickups with rosewood fingerboard (not sure if ebony and rosewood were the real woods or just different paint color over beech fretboard). As usual, Iris bass was produced together with the guitar. Iris was very popular and the demand was high so Jolana produced Altro guitar and bass later. Altro had a solid body and a better bridge, the rest was similar to Iris.

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