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The Roland SP-808 GrooveSampler was originally released in 1998 as an all-in-one phrase-sampling music workstation. It was released as part of Roland's Groove Gear. The updated SP-808EX adds new translucent design, many enhancements, and is now dubbed the e-Mix Studio. Essentially the SP-808 is a phrase sampler with a pattern sequencer, hard-disk digital multitrack recorder and high quality studio-effects. Both machines are geared towards sampling musicians, remixers, broadcasters and DJ's.

The original Roland SP-808 (GrooveSampler) can play up to four stereo samples simultaneously. It samples at 44.1 and 32 kHz sampling rates, with a maximum sample time of 25 minutes of stereo 44.1 kHz sampling. Sample via analog or digital inputs, the SP-808 holds over 1,000 samples. Its sampler has a full set of editing features and some nifty tricks to make sampling very easy. BPMs of loops can easily be adjusted to match song tempo. All samples are stored/read directly from the 100 MB Zip drive rather than internal RAM memory. AIFF and WAV audio formats are not supported as Roland is using their own proprietary sample storage method to maximize sample space on ZIP disks. Although WAV samples can be converted and from computer to SP-808 using external Zip drive and Rolands Wave Converter software.

Studio quality effects include a filter, reverb, delay, pitch shifting, distortion, phaser, compression, Karaoke mode, and many more effects. There's also a D-Beam controller to tweak pitch and volume. Effects are realtime tweakable, but only one effect can be used at a time, so it is common practice to resample your sounds with effects processing to use more effects.

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